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Here you will find an overview of the anatomical overview maps used in the yoga book. Many of these are linkmaps and are labelled as such in the title. If you click on the image, the actual linkmap appears, in which you can reach many of the displayed contents by clicking on them, especially muscles, joints, ligaments and bursae. In the muscles section, only the 110 or so overview maps are displayed, not the representations of each individual muscle of the musculoskeletal system. The individual representations of muscles are not specifically listed here. Over 110 maps are also available for the joints. In the pathology section, over 130 entities and disorders of the musculoskeletal system are available in text form or by clicking on the map of the front and rear view of the human body. For the effects, there is also a map that links to the individual items.

Die Karten im Einzelnen:


Muskeln Unterarm palmar Oberarm/Schulter/Brust ventral Hand palmar Rücken Oberschenkel/Hüfte ventral Oberschenkel/Hüfte dorsal Unterschenkel ventral ventrale Halsmuskulatur Schulter/Oberarm dorsal Unterarm dorsal Unterschenkel dorsal Fuß plantar Bauch Hüftgelenk, transversaler Schnitt Rumpf, Übersichten




overview images as linkmaps: muscles, joints, ligaments, bursae

arm (44 Linkmaps)

leg (35 Linkmaps)

foot/ankle (44 Linkmaps)

neck (5 Linkmaps)

hand/wrist (35 Linkmaps)

hip joint/-region (41 Linkmaps)

knee joint/-region (18 Linkmaps)

trunc (52 Linkmaps)

shoulder joint/-region (26 Linkmaps)

vertebra/spine (34 Linkmaps)